Jude Philip

Independent Specialist Speech & Language Therapist in Scotland


Jude Philip – “passionate about unlocking potential”

As a specialist Speech, Language and Communication Therapist (SLT) with a dedicated clinic of my own in Scotland*, I have wide-ranging experience with young people with speech, language and communication difficulties.   I provide a range of Speech and Language Therapy including support for individuals with:

  • ***Now offering multi-disciplinary Autism Diagnostic Assessments with clinical psychology using ADOS and DISCO**.
  • Autism (across the spectrum and from 18 months to adult – with particular experience with girls with Autism)
  • Complex needs (including PMLD, Sensory Difficulties, Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC))
  • Cerebral Palsy and acquired brain injuries.
  • Special interest in AAC for Autism, Complex Needs.  PODD, Aided Language, Presuming competence, eye-gaze, high tech apps.
  • Speech Sounds Difficulties, especially long-standing articulation errors (Offering SpeechBuddy tools),
  • Motor Speech Difficulties including Dysarthria (associated with cerebral palsy) LSVT trained.
  • Confident speaking, enunciation and general articulation work.
  • Language Delays, Specific Language Impairment/Language Disorders
  • Tribunals and expert reporting

“Jude’s natural ability to empathise and individualise, coupled with her training and experience and vast toolkit, create a gentle, focused therapy” 

I strive to help people reach their potential – through careful assessment, tailored therapy, problem-solving, coaching and team-working.  I work closely with you to choose goals that are meaningful.  Whilst other agencies may be limited to working in schools I am free to work closely with parents/ carers/ other agencies as I believe this is key to success and wellbeing.

*As a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist I am to offer my Specialist SLT and consultancy services across Scotland as required.  I also travel to England for focused pieces of work.  All support is tailored to your individual circumstances and any travel costs are agreed before first visit.