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Grow Communication comic strip showing the process in images
Comic strip showing the Grow Communication ethos.
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Due to unprecedented demand, we are putting a hold on accepting new enquiries to ensure that we can continue to offer our high standard of service to families. This is a temporary measure.
We will start accepting enquiries again on Friday 11th of June. We understand that there is a high level of need for support and the team are working hard to be available to as many people as possible.
We appreciate your understanding and patience

Katy Laing/Jude Philip Directors

“As a family we had been struggling for a long time and were not able to get any support or validation for our concerns. A friend told us about Grow Communication and we arranged for a pre assessment with Katy. We cannot begin to express how much this has helped our family. Katy listened to all we had to say with compassion and it was such a relief to know someone with professional expertise was acknowledging us. More importantly, she totally understood where we were coming from and advised us accordingly. The pre-assessment has quite literally offered our family a lifeline that we so urgently needed and we are so grateful to Katy for all she has done for us. We cannot recommend Grow Communication highly enough”

Family of 5-year-old attending for pre-assessment

“It felt different talking to Katy. Although she explained that she had to write down what I was saying, I knew she was still listening as I could tell she was asking me what she was feeling & not working her way through a list of questions, that helped & I liked that”

11 year-old