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Females and ASD – Pink on the Spectrum

Photo by Tony Smith (Flickr)

Photo by Tony Smith (Flickr) – used under creative commons license

This article is a must-read.  Jennifer O’Toole writes so beautifully about being on the Spectrum and what that can mean for females.  Finally people are starting to understand the gender differences for male and females with Autism and that can only be a good thing.  I so appreciate the way Jennifer acknowledges the costs and challenges for these women – but also talks about the sheer ‘fabulosity’ and ‘awesomeness’.  Both sides are essential to the full picture.

Reading this article, and starting to really look beneath the surface of what “I thought I knew” has reinforced yet again to me that there is SO SO SO much more for me to learn.  It makes me really examine how I as a “professional” support these amazing girls – and nurture the seedlings.

I can’t really add anything to what Jennifer says:

“May we take time to spot all of the seedlings.  To support them through the storms and nourish them as they each need.  Let’s recognise them as the “perfect” flowers – the “roses by any name”.  And then we can watch them grow, full of the promise and possibility, beautiful people just beginning to bloom”.  Jennifer O’Toole (Seeing Pink on the Spectrum)


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