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Communication Bill of Rights

I have this Communication Bill of Rights from Scope Vic blog laminated and keep it inside my diary.

It’s something I feel so strongly about – that communication has many functions (much more than just basic requesting). And my job as a Speech, Language (and Communication) Therapist is to help people find the most effective ways to be able to communicate as many of these things as possible.  It can require a lot of creative thinking and putting yourself in the shoes of the person you are with.

It’s helping a teenager find a constructive way to say “No way” or “leave me alone” (also phrased age-appropriately – yes I have programmed swear words onto communication aids to the utter delight of the teen and horror of the parent).

It’s helping carers to “learn the unique language” of the non-verbal individual they support so they can really chat with them, rather than talk at them.

It’s allowing someone to make their own choice – even if it’s what we really didn’t want them to choose!

Communication: it’s not always easy or convenient, and we won’t always like the message we are hearing – but it’s a fundamental human right. Enabling and unlocking communication can truly change lives.


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