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All boxed-in and nowhere to go.

Image Credit: darkday on Flickr

Image Credit: darkday on Flickr

Definition of “boxed-in”

few or no alternatives; in a corner.

Been thinking a lot today about boxes.  Not the packaging variety – but the mental constructs formed by human beings to “put the world in its place”.

Its not so much about the words used to describe someone (though that IS important) – its the heart behind it/ the attitude/ the openness to possibility of something different.  I hate it when I sense that someone has put me in a box – when they “sum me up” – define me. (E.g the case of “ah yes, she is like this“, “she always does that….”).  It makes me feel boxed-in.

Who wants to be forced into a box?   A box usually has a lid, and a box may even be sealed shut. There’s no space to spill out of the box unless the lid blows off.  A box may place you on the shelf.  There is a sense of containment and distance.  It lacks a sense of possibility and potential.

My daily challenge to myself is to examine my attitude and spot where I am letting my attitudes get “boxed-in” – we ALL do it. But when we strive do the opposite of “box-in” we will  “let go“, “release“, “free“, liberate“.

Antonyms (opposites) for  “boxed-in”

let go/ release/ free/ liberate

I know which side of the antonym I want to be as a Speech, Language and Communication Therapist – on the side that points me in the direction of possibility and potential.



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