Females and Autism. How will we LISTEN…. and ACT.

Listen understand act

Hooray – another article and now a documentary about girls on the Spectrum – this time about Limpsfield Grange from the Guardian.  So heartening to see these articles, about what has been previously hidden, spreading across social media.

The question for us all is how do we best support these girls? How do we pick up earlier that they are struggling? How will we see behind the mask? What does early intervention look like so that young women don’t reach the point of such crisis? What are we missing from our supports for them?

Feel so passionate about this as a Speech and Language Therapist. I am looking hard at my own professional practice and how I need to look and think differently.
There are generations of women who have struggled with this – and now with new-found awareness there is a chance to help the women of tomorrow.

There’s some amazing female influencers out there who can tell us what needs to happen (from their often painful lived experiences). How can we Listen and ACT?