Strawberry milkshake

Delicious strawberry smoothieToday was one of those glorious days where, as a speech therapist we get to make it real. How do we do this? By dropping our agenda and going with the flow!
A young man I have been working with for a while is a fan of shaving foam and often heads straight to my bag to check I have it. He has also recognised the similarity to a frothy milkshake when he dips a straw in the foam and brings it to his lips.
Cue idea!
A quick phone call to Dad who was currently out at the supermarket, with a request to buy milkshake syrup and skooshy cream.
The result:
Great attention and engagement; taking turns to smell the sweet strawberry syrup.
Modelling lots of new language (pour, more, mix, pink, skooshy, yummy, lid on, strawberry, sweet, smell)
Spontaneous language beyond the model and singing to reflect enjoyment.          Clear  enjoyment for everyone involved
A new drink, not previously drunk at home, which could built into his repertoire
Ideas to expand this to other activities such as angel delight or other milkshake flavours.

Finding motivating activities really helps to demonstrate a young persons communicative potential, as was demonstrated by the amount of spontaneous speech heard today.

It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re making milkshake!!


Katy works as a Speech and Language Therapist at Grow Communication and loves finding ways to make therapy motivating and creative. Grow Communication is a non-profit company, providing Speech and Language Therapy in Central Scotland.