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The power of partnerships

Today I had the pleasure of joining a session at Forth Valley Rebound Therapy, Scotland’s only open referral rebound service and a fellow social enterprise.  Callum, director of Forth Valley Rebound and I discussed how we could work together to maximise our young persons potential in terms of his physical, social and communication development.  Currently all communication in sessions is verbal while in my sessions we have been focusing on using an aided language approach, and developing the understanding that communication is a two way process of shared interactions.

And here lies the opportunity.  How can we marry our goals for the benefit of the individual? By working together!

I am a strong believer  that working in partnership makes for significantly more successful outcomes.  Today we found that by sharing our knowledge and experiences working with the young person we saw challenges become opportunities and perceived difficulties as simply not seeing the bigger picture. By sharing our goals we started on the journey of maximising potential through collaboration.

We quickly established that this partnership could be more than for one individual. We chatted about a range of scenarios and I was able to give suggestions from an SLT perspective at the same time learning more about it from an OT’s outlook.  We look forward to working together to “unlock potential” and “promote independence, one bounce at a time”


Katy works as a Speech and Language Therapist at Grow Communication and loves finding ways to make therapy motivating and creative. Grow Communication is a non-profit company, providing Speech and Language Therapy in Central Scotland.



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