Creative ways to learn time concepts – part 1

The past couple of weeks I have been having fun finding ways to teach the concept of time to kids with Developmental Language Disorder and also Autism. The language of time is commonplace but often abstract and can be challenging for working memory.

Learning sequences of months and days along with songs is a good start but what we all need in everyday life is to be able to use that language flexibly, to hold those sequences in our head and zoom in and out, backwards and forwards to apply it in context. “See you week after next”, “what did you do the day before yesterday”…. can get pretty tricky. Here are some first steps.

Here are some of my concrete and visual ways to explore! Enjoy 😉

Stacking cups to teach how the units of time nest into each other! Stack them up!

Inside are little card with how many units of time there are in each. So 60 inside the minute pot waiting for the second pot to slot in!

Then taking the circular theme and stacking the cups up onto visuals for weeks and months!

Nice and easy and a great way to get use out of the stacking cups my kids have grown out of! And always fun to knock things down after!


Jude Philip is a specialist Speech and Language Therapist from Grow Communication a social business in Scotland. She loves creative therapy and fun ways to teach new things! Www.growsalt.uk