Creative ways to learn time concepts – part 3

If you have followed part 1 and part 2 of this series on time concepts you will have had a look at some of my other ideas to teach those tricky time concepts.

This week I was helping a young man who was struggling with before and after – he can follow “before” and “after” in other contexts, but was struggling to apply it to new language of time.

I had a couple of ideas to reinforce this. First was running with my circular idea from part 2, a split pin (just happened to have one in my wallet!!) and some scissors I cut out a double facing clock hand and hey presto we have an automatic visual reminder of which way to look for “the day before” or “the month after”.

Thinking on the hoof it occurred to me that we could use “before and after hands” on our own bodies too. So here we go. Left hand = the before hand. Right hand = the right hand. This also makes perfect sense for cultures where writing goes from Left to Right, books read Left to Right so we can use our hands to mirror the core sequences in literacy development.

Last but not least – here are the two lots of hands together with the hours and minutes turner.

Have fun. Jude

Jude Philip is a specialist Speech and Language Therapist at Grow Communication in central scotland @growsalt.