There for the long haul


What does Grow Communication have to do with travel you may ask?  Indeed, aside from dashing round the country to see families, the journeys I am thinking of here are personal ones.  This recent testimonial made me glow with pride to be still working with families who started with us when Grow first began. What an absolute delight and privilege to be there when needed as little people grow up.

These are our “long haul” journeys.

Sometimes the journey has lengthy stop-overs where we are not needed and at other times the ride is a little longer.

Sometimes there are detours and rerouting and at other times the journey is smooth sailing.

Sometimes bags need repacked and the right tools and equipment selecting and at other times we are just there to stamp the passport and see the border being crossed.

Whatever the journey we are there for the long haul if that is what is needed.


“We have worked with Grow Communication for around two years, with the initial objective of assessment and diagnosis for our then 6-year-old child. 

The assessment and diagnosis processes were undertaken with sensitivity, respect and thorough professionalism. 

Since then, Jude Philip has provided regular therapy sessions, arranged via our child’s school, and these have been extremely beneficial in enhancing our child’s self-awareness and confidence.  Our child is learning skills to manage anxieties and has a safe space to talk openly about how they feel – this has been possible only through the trust gained in Jude. 

As parents, we are kept fully informed as to our child’s progress and are consulted on every decision in relation to therapy sessions.  We feel well supported and are delighted to observe the progress our child is making through involvement with Jude and Grow Communication.”