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Autistic exhaustion

Busy day – lots of people – crowded city – travelling together – rushing for trains – passionate discussions – waiting round – arrangements to meet up with other folk.

All good stuff – fun stuff – motivating and enjoyable stuff.

But exhaustion, depletion, battery on low and pilot light flickering. Not just social battery – the everything battery.

How best to explain this? Sudden realisation remembering a favourite breakfast cereal containing freeze dried berries!

Autistic exhaustion and depletion feels like being a freeze-drying berry. Slowly drying, shrivelling, curling up, becoming brittle and fragile to the touch.

click here for the video version – Watching in time-Lapse version illustrates the feeling beautifully!

Anyone else relate to this?

Rehydration is needed – at right pace and in right way for individual.

Lessons in learning pacing to ensure drying process not too extreme and is by choice not by requirement. And not day after day after day! And for external others understanding that withdrawing and shrinking away is not rejection – but the inner process and a sign that self-care (care) is needed.



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