Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Support from our Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist Dr Judith Piggot is an important part of our service. Our consultant psychiatrist can look at a range of areas and is able to prescribe where indicated.

Our Psychiatrist works as an integral part of the Grow team. Initial consultations are always joint with another member of the Grow team and all support is delivered in close collaboration with other team members.

Our psychiatry clinic is typically held at the Grow Communication clinic in Polmont.

Supports include:

  • Formalising a diagnosis of ADD/ ADHD and providing ongoing medical support if required (i.e. prescribing medication where appropriate)
  • Assessment of mental health and wellbeing and emotional regulation
  • Exploration of sleep difficulties and the impact of these. Melatonin can be prescribed in some instances.
  • SMARTS profiling – the SMARTS profile is a brain-based way to understand strengths and support with challenges

The SMARTS approach is a simple brain based formulation approach developed to support a brain based understanding of ‘straight forward’ and ‘complex’ mental health/ developmental presentations, so that we can all understand how brains work to make a different for people presenting with mental health and neurodevelopmental presentations.  This approach has been evaluated in with children, adolescents and adults through funding from the Scottish Government. If we are “SMARTs” then we can all understand how the person’s brain works, then we can choose the right intervention at the right time, enabling the person to be as successful as possible in the broadest range of situations day to day.