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Jude Philip – “passionate about unlocking potential”

As a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, I can offer the following support:

1.     Free, initial phone consultation

Drop me a line so we can chat, figure out what you are looking for and decide what I can offer. See contact page for how to get in touch

2.     Assessment

Support starts with assessment.  This is tailored to the individual, and is essential to correctly understand the issues and ensure that I choose the correct approach.  Assessment may be informal or formal and may well include observation.  A written report/communication profile can be provided.

A Speech, Language and Communication assessment will typically look at the following areas – Developmental History – Attention and Listening – Play Skills (for children) – Speech – Use of Spoken Language (Expression) – Understanding of Spoken Language (Comprehension) – Social Interaction and Communication (Pragmatics) – Communicative Functions.

I work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders for bot children and adults.

3.     Therapy/Intervention 

Once assessment is complete we agree targets together.  Ways to support these targets may include:

  • 1:1 therapy sessions
  • group sessions 
  • individual coaching work   
  • training 
  • Transition Support  This can include profiling the individual’s communication, training transition partners, developing the communication environment and ongoing support in the new placement.

Packages can vary from blocks of intensive daily therapy (e.g. introducing the Attention Autism approach) to weekly, fortnightly or monthly.