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Stepping stones to the right path

As a parent, realising that your child is experiencingdifficulties is an emotional experience. Feelings of worry, concern, helplessness and often frustration arecommon.  When difficulties are subtle,complex or multi-faceted it can be difficult to articulate these concerns andfor others to understand the impact that they are having on your child and onthe whole family.  A recent testimonialfrom… Continue reading Stepping stones to the right path


Puppies, PDA profiling and positives!

One thing I love about our assessment work at Grow Communication is the opportunity that we have to get to know so many phenomenal individuals. And the chance to create an assessment space that is right for each one of those individuals. On this occasion it involved my very lovely puppy Paddy (I think he… Continue reading Puppies, PDA profiling and positives!


“More than receiving a mere label”

Reflecting on a recent testimonial from a recent diagnostic Autism and ADHD assessment below got me thinking about journeys and the journey that is diagnostic assessment!  In the testimonial that popped through my inbox this week, one quote struck me most - "Their diagnosis of our daughter was far more than her receiving a mere… Continue reading “More than receiving a mere label”