Back to school blues

Change is inevitable and we want to empower our kids to be able to take changes in their stride feeling empowered and supported. The "back to school spot the difference" encourages kids to take a proactive approach to something that can cause a lot of anxiety.


Our new addition at Grow Communication

“My little girl has had many people fail to see her potential and it’s changed who I am as a parent and a therapist.  I believe every child has unique interests, motivations, and strengths that need to be uncovered and recognised.  What an honour and privilege it is to really see the greatness that lies in each child and to truly experience joy as each new (communication) skill is achieved."


When friendships and feelings are painful – using toys to explore

So who knew! Moshi monsters are a great tool to explore social relationships, friendships and emotions. As I looked through my resource cupboard one day last week to find the right materials for some SLT sessions I came across some Moshi monsters that were destined for the charity shop To my surprise when I opened… Continue reading When friendships and feelings are painful – using toys to explore

autism pda assessmemt

Stepping stones to the right path

As a parent, realising that your child is experiencingdifficulties is an emotional experience. Feelings of worry, concern, helplessness and often frustration arecommon.  When difficulties are subtle,complex or multi-faceted it can be difficult to articulate these concerns andfor others to understand the impact that they are having on your child and onthe whole family.  A recent testimonialfrom… Continue reading Stepping stones to the right path


Puppies, PDA profiling and positives!

One thing I love about our assessment work at Grow Communication is the opportunity that we have to get to know so many phenomenal individuals. And the chance to create an assessment space that is right for each one of those individuals. On this occasion it involved my very lovely puppy Paddy (I think he… Continue reading Puppies, PDA profiling and positives!


“I put the lid on and press it down till it clicks” – Masking and Autism

"I put the lid on and press it down till it clicks" This wasn't a description of closing a holiday suitcase or the lid on the biscuit tin - these were the words of an autistic young person describing how they held in their feelings of anxiety and stress and overwhelm at school. The phenomenon… Continue reading “I put the lid on and press it down till it clicks” – Masking and Autism


Happy holidays?? A tale of AAC and Christmas.

When I talk about AAC systems I talk about robust language systems. By that I mean a Communication system which will enable you to have access to all the words that you might need, and to communicate for all the reasons that human beings communicate. That might, just might, include being told something really cheeky. And at Christmas we need access not only to words that let us say "happy Christmas" and "thank you", but also to grumble, nag and bicker.


Asking the questions

"His/her communication is in line with their cognitive development..." That is a phrase that I once wrote in discharge reports myself. It is what is termed cognitive referencing. It made sense at the time but it's now one that I have deleted from my clinical phrase book. As my journey into complex needs, and into… Continue reading Asking the questions


Why a really good Autism assessment matters (Guest Post)

When Jude asked me to write a blog post about something I was passionate about it took me a while to decide on a topic. I started working with young people with autism 16 years ago and have been a lead specialist in autism in the NHS for almost eight years so there’s a lot… Continue reading Why a really good Autism assessment matters (Guest Post)


Roots, shoots and leaves – Grow is Growing!

You may be aware that there has been lots going on behind the scenes at Grow Communication, Speech and Language Therapy!!  It's been busy old time and we are well on the way to becoming a fully-fledged Social Enterprise - this means that all profits from our work go back into helping those with communication… Continue reading Roots, shoots and leaves – Grow is Growing!