Grow Communication – “with you for the journey”

“We have worked with Grow Communication for around two years, with the initial objective of assessment and diagnosis for our then 6-year-old child.  The assessment and diagnosis processes were undertaken with sensitivity, respect and thorough professionalism.  Since then, Jude Philip has provided regular therapy sessions, arranged via our child’s school, and these have been extremely beneficial in enhancing our child’s self-awareness and confidence.  Our child is learning skills to manage anxieties and has a safe space to talk openly about how they feel – this has been possible only through the trust gained in Jude.  As parents, we are kept fully informed as to our child’s progress and are consulted on every decision in relation to therapy sessions.  We feel well supported and are delighted to observe the progress our child is making through involvement with Jude and Grow Communication.”

Parents of 10 year old

“Katy did not promise us a diagnosis of kind but what was more important for us was her commitment to listen to us, support us & help us identify & manage whatever could be potentially causing our sons issues.”

Parent and P7 child attending for Pre-assessment

 “My sons Pre-Diagnostic Assessment was an incredible experience not only for my 11year old son, but also for me as a parent. The room at GROW is a beautiful place to spend time in, my son expressed that he felt very safe & happy there”


“I felt more heard, validated & seen that I had in all the 8 years I had been sharing my son’s story with health professionals. I knew right away I had found an experienced specialist who would at last hold a safe space for us & truly listen to our story, without judgement”


‘It felt different talking to Katy. Although she explained that she had to write down what I was saying, I knew she was still listening as I could tell she was asking me what she was feeling & not working her way through a list of questions, that helped & I liked that”

Child aged 11

“Following Katy’s feedback we now at long last have a possible answer to all our worries & concerns but more importantly we have now have hope that alongside the expertise, skill & dedication of Katy & GROW we can as parents help our son manage his social, emotional & communication challenges & enable him to grow, flourish & be happy.”


“I approached Grow Communication for a PDA profiling assessment for my son (Grow) being the first Independent Team to be listed by the PDA Society in Scotland. I have been overwhelmed by the thoughtful caring attitude of both Jude and Suzy to both myself and my son. I was blown away by their diagnostic skills and most importantly how they turned around years of negativity through Education into so many real positives. The child they saw had been courageous and resilient throughout, not “lazy and winging it” as many had thought.

Jude even brought her dog Paddy in from home when I mentioned my son loved dogs. The report is not a copy and paste response but a bespoke detailed informative report individual to my sons needs for Education and to further his life skills. We were given suggestions which type of assessment to use. Our opinions were respected. Their research evidence went back as far as grandparents in great depth. Having Clinicians who understand the PDA profile was a lifeline.

The report has given us hope for the future with a clear pathway to follow. It answers so many questions from the past and respects that my Parenting Skills were not to blame. I can’t recommend Grow Communications enough. Outstanding inspirational staff with a definite WOW factor.”

Parent of 23 year old

“Asking Jude at Grow Communication to lead the assessment of our 9-year old daughter for autism (ASD) and ADHD was one of the most positive decisions we, as a family, have ever made.  Having spent over a year on an NHS waiting list with no signs of progress, we were becoming increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed by the “not knowing”, with our daughter’s increasing feelings of being different and desire to better understand herself only adding to this.

From the outset, their clear communication, professionalism and calm and compassionate manner made us relax and trust the process that lay ahead.  Our daughter took to them both instantly and thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with them, whether at our home, her school or in their beautiful office in Polmont.  My husband and I were equally impressed by our dealings with Jude the team and were amazed how quickly they got an accurate picture of our daughter, her strengths and her challenges. 

Throughout the whole process, we felt truly supported by Grow Communication. Their diagnosis of our daughter was far more than her receiving a mere “label”; their extensive assessment report outlined a number of helpful strategies for us to employ at school and at home and so we feel far more able to approach the weeks and months ahead with confidence and understanding. 

Thank you, Grow Communication, for all the work you have done for us.  We are so grateful and look forward to working with you, if the need arises, in the future.” 

Parent of 12 year old

“As a family we had been struggling for a long time and were not able to get any support or validation for our concerns. A friend told us about Grow Communication and we arranged for a pre assessment with Katy. We cannot begin to express how much this has helped our family. Katy listened to all we had to say with compassion and it was such a relief to know someone with professional expertise was acknowledging us. More importantly, she totally understood where we were coming from and advised us accordingly. The pre assessment has quite literally offered our family a lifeline that we so urgently needed and we are so grateful to Katy for all she has done for us. We cannot recommend Grow Communication highly enough”

Family of 5 yr old attending for pre-assessment

“As a family we had been struggling for a long time and were not able to get any support or validation for our concerns. A friend told us about Grow Communication and we arranged for a pre assessment with Katy. We cannot begin to express how much this has helped our family. Katy listened to all we had to say with compassion and it was such a relief to know someone with professional expertise was acknowledging us. More importantly, she totally understood where we were coming from and advised us accordingly. The pre assessment has quite literally offered our family a lifeline that we so urgently needed and we are so grateful to Katy for all she has done for us. We cannot recommend Grow Communication highly enough” family of 5 yr old attending for pre-assessment

“I’m very glad that we chose your service as you’ve held my hand all the way through.  We are finding the report informative and helpful as a very comprehensive break down of Our daughter’s difficulties. It is providing a backdrop of evidence that is helping us to fight for the right targeted support from health and education. Without it, we would not have the cooperation of the team to put in the right strategies for support. This journey has been made smoother and less stressful by the support Jude and Suzy have given, in liaising with school and health professionals on our behalf and providing us with much needed emotional support and stamina.

I am so thankful to have found your service; it is proving to be the turning point in what has been a long, exhausting and depleting parental journey. At last, we understand why our daughter has so many daily struggles and finally we have recognition of her difficulties from school (because of the report).

We also really appreciate the after-care – that you are still helping us to understand and develop strategies to help her. For the first time ever, we don’t have to justify our concerns, persuade that there’s a problem or defend our parenting style. Thank-you!” Parents of 12 year old (Diagnostic Autism Assessment)

“Katy began working with our family and we have not looked back. We learned new ways to communicate with him so that he never felt under pressure and she has supported us for his first ever trip abroad on an airplane! She has given everyone in the family tips and tools that help him and has given us an understanding of why he is feeling how he is. Katy is approachable and no question is embarrassing or silly as she always has suggestions on how to help. Our family home has become lots happier in the time she has been around.”                                     Parent of 6 year old

“Jude was very  easy to work with.  She made a huge effort to  help our child with his language development and also helped us, parents to understand better our child’s difficulties and how better to support him.

Right from the start Jude provided us with several strategies which helped immensely to improve our child’s communication and social skills. Also, Jude went far and beyond to address our questions and worries.

She stayed in touch with other specialists who were involved, trying her best to support us.  Overall, we are very pleased being able to work with Jude and would definitely recommend her as highly professional speech therapist.”

Parents of 4 year-old

Jude came to visit us in and she immediately took on board what we needed with my daughter who has a rare genetic syndrome, has lots of language at home, all be it repetitive, but is mute without any family there for reassurance. 

We live in England and had hunted everywhere for an understanding salt, one who would listen to me, see Ellie’s potential, and be prepared to help us get Ellie’s voice out there in whichever way possible. Amazingly I met Jude on a selective mutism forum, even more amazingly she agreed she would travel to England to meet us for a day!

Jude was that understanding speech therapist I had been looking for, and more, she was so friendly and understanding. Her calm nature put us all at ease and she had Ellie interacting with her early on in the session. Jude had a podd book with her which Ellie showed an interest in, Jude modelled through the day on the podd book and Ellie watched intently all the time. Jude completely understood Ellie’s potential and even managed to get a talking mats session in with Ellie too.

Jude wrote a fantastically detailed report, staff at Ellie’s school were really thankful to have such an insight into Ellie’s needs. Jude also listened to me, as Ellie’s mum, she empathised with all my concerns and strived to help in the best way possible. Thanks to her I now have the confidence and ability to help my daughter have a voice. I only wish we lived nearer so we could get more input from Jude.”

Parent of 18-year old

“Jude has a lovely calm manner, and quickly made our daughters and us feel very comfortable.  She clearly has a great deal of knowledge and experience in her field, and has had many suggestions of strategies for us to adopt at home and school.  She has been a great source of support in terms of identifying and communicating the relevant issues for school. Thank you Jude!”

Parents of 8 year-old

“Before we met Jude, working with Speech Therapy had often felt like a box ticking exercise …… We had seen very little progress in nearly 2 years.  We are involved with many professionals on our journey, but it has always felt that Jude sees the potential in our son and works hard to help him unlock it.

Jude introduced his first communication system when others felt he wasn’t ready, and slowly but surely his “voice” (albeit in pictures) is emerging.  Jude has always spent time during our appointments explaining her approach and helping us to understand how we can support our son at home (as well as strategies for nursery), and that has been truly invaluable.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jude Philip to anyone, and we cannot express our gratitude enough for her support”

Parents of 4 year-old with Autism

“Jude is a very good therapist, her interaction with my son is brilliant.  He has come on a lot since Jude started working with him over 10 months ago.  Jude has an individual approach, gives great advice and always has a positive attitude”

Parent of 8 year-old with Autism

“Jude, we can’t thank you enough for how you have helped our family.  Your friendly, enthusiastic and professional approach has made a huge difference to our daughter’s life.  You have been an enormous support and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to any parents needing your services”

Parents of 10 year old girl with Autism and Selective Mutism

“My son Ethan has been diagnosed with Autism and Global Delayed Development. Jude does not operate a one size fits all limited  therapy.  She focused on Ethan’s particular needs. Ethan enjoyed learning with Jude.  She encouraged us with lots of “learning through play” suggestions for us to use as a family everyday. 

I found Jude to be optimistic and positive regarding Ethan’s progress.  Jude provided us with therapy above and beyond our expectations.Parent of 4 year-old

“Jude has been a positive influence on Matthew and has struck up a wonderful relationship with Matthew.  Jude has also helped us understand Matthew more and helped us to help Matthew.

Matthew’s speech and social development have been noticeable over the last few months thanks to Jude’s tuition and thanks to her relationship with Matthew, he has been working very hard independently to improve.”

Parents of 11 year old

“Jude has been amazingly supportive and already within a matter of days of the assessment we are seeing real improvements in the outcomes for our daughter. We couldn’t have made this progress without Jude. My only regret is not getting Jude in sooner. We have already shouted from the rooftops about how valuable Jude’s input has been and we will continue to recommend her to everyone and anyone. We will gladly continue to seek Jude’s input, she is such a knowledgeable, experienced and caring professional, we definitely value everything she has to offer.

Thank you so much Jude, you’ve given our daughter opportunities we were worried she might never have. We are eternally grateful.”

Parents of 2 Year old girl

“From the initial consultation, the information and advice which has been offered has been very useful and insightful. The assessments were thorough and the strategies, especially the vocabulary building, showed positive impact almost immediately.  Other strategies highlighted in the report …. also helped improve reading and comprehension far more quickly than the strategies which had been used to date.

The flexible nature of the sessions in school allowed staff to work alongside you and transfer teaching approaches back into the classroom which was most beneficial to both staff and the pupil.  We can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support over the session we have learned a great deal from working with you.”

Feedback from ASN Teacher of 10 year old with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and Literacy difficulties

“Inspiring… Innovative… Great presentation… Brilliant strategies… Really good, relevant information… A holistic view of communication skills.”

Feedback from Jude’s session at Conference for Preschool teachers – May 2016 – “Making sense of communication for children with complex needs”

“Excellent work with our daughter, it’s given her another   level of confidence to help achieve her goals in and out of primary class. Many many thanks, you’ve made a happy  girl a very happy, more confident girl which has helped prepare her for her future.” 

Parents of 10 year-old

“Jude it has been a pleasure working with you, helping us understand Callum and his individual needs.  We now do not see autism as “problem” we plan to take it and embrace it!  You have helped us realize that this is not an illness and he is not broken, nor has he got a piece missing, in actual fact we now know he has an extra piece that makes him a very special individual.”

Parents of 7 year-old

 “Jude was very reassuring… and just knew what we needed.  Jude has made it very easy for us to understand our daughter’s condition and we are very happy” …. “it takes the struggle out of how to help her”. “Jude is fantastic, very understanding, very kind. Our daughter thinks she is great”.

Parents of 11 year-old

“Jude has went above and beyond with help and support not only for our son but for the whole family. Our son loved his assessment sessions.  We now have some added support from nursery since they have read Jude’s very detailed and indepth report – had we not had this we could quite possibly have been waiting a while!  Would highly recommend Jude for support, advice and guidance with any Speech and Language worries”.  Mum of 3 1/2 year old

We first approached Jude as parents wanting answers. We needed someone to acknowledge us and what we were thinking.  It’s always been clear to us that our son has set ways, he has some sensory issues, he struggles to understand emotions, he has issues with lashing out (for what seems like nothing at all). He’s the most loving little boy and we wanted to help him through all this.  

Jude recognised the issues on her first visit and supported us from then on. She built strategies for us to use with our son, suggested using visuals which has helped a huge amount, suggested using white boards to break down communication and to use sign language.

Her understanding and passion in helping us was amazing and very much appreciated. She helped us not just as a family of three but our whole family, both sides.  Judith wrote a very in depth report and even attended our review meeting with nursery and health professionals that has resulted in our son being put on the ASD Assessment pathway.”  Mum of 4 year-old

“Jude has been working with my 20 year old son with Speech and Language Therapy.  He has Autism and Selective Mutism.  Today he said a very quiet yes to one of his carers after months of teaching him to cook.    He hasn’t spoken to anyone outside the family for a very long time”.   Mum of 20 year old

“Jude’s natural ability to empathise and individualise, coupled with her training and experience and vast toolkit, create a gentle, focused therapy.  She has helped us find a framework and language to deal with change, for our son with ASD.  Her ideas led to a dramatic change in his anxiety about a major building project – from “you cannot knock that wall down!” to rating his feeling as “Big Excited” related to the change and how to celebrate it”.

Mum of 10 year-old

“In the short time of meeting my son you’ve done an excellent job of recommending next steps.  Many thanks for all your ideas.””I would definitely recommend Jude Philip.”Mum of 15 year-old with complex ASD

“I have found the course of therapy sessions very helpful and will continue to practice the exercises in the future.  Jude has given me very useful advice to help with my communication skills and has helped to show me how to evaluate my abilities to communicate and how to improve my communication in order to achieve my goals.” David, Age 23

Due to unprecedented demand, we are putting a hold on accepting new enquiries to ensure that we can continue to offer our high standard of service to families. This is a temporary measure.
We will start accepting enquiries again on Friday 11th of June. We understand that there is a high level of need for support and the team are working hard to be available to as many people as possible.
We appreciate your understanding and patience

Katy Laing/Jude Philip Directors

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